YES, I'm ready to change
my money story!
Do you feel like there is never enough?

Never enough time, energy, and most of all, MONEY!?!
You are tired of the financial struggle, and just want to get out of this “not enough” cycle.

All you truly want is to feel is love, light, & financially free! I totally know how it feels, because that used to be my life, (and money story) too! There were many times I looked at my bank balance and only overdraft charges could be seen. As my bank account plummeted so did my sense of dignity and self worth. My money story was littered with the limiting beliefs carried around from my parents and generations before me.

When I finally got clear about what those limiting beliefs were, and started to “color clear” them, my money story began to change! And that is why I created the Self Wealth Guided Meditation & Coloring Page Experience, to help you start making changes to your money story too!
Self-Wealth Guided Meditation and Coloring Page Experience!
If you are one of the many “wanters” or “wishers” that would truly like to
change your present financial conditions, please know that you can have it and you are worthy of it!

This meditation was created to help you see that sustainable change is possible and it all begins on the inside!

Through this coloring exploration and meditation, you will start to uncover what the real root of your money problem is so that you can start to heal it and rewrite it!
I cannot wait to connect with you in this abundance journey! 

Grab your complimentary gift and let’s start your financial transformation NOW!
Patricia Rundblade is a Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, and
Self-Wealth Mentor in the personal growth and spiritual communities. 

Her life as a Self-Wealth Creator began immediately upon learning all the ways she could apply the natural laws to create self-wealth in her life no matter what was going on. One of her favorite quotes is,
 “Expect the best. Prepare for the Worst. Capitalize on what comes!” by Zig Ziglar, 
and that is what she has done in every area of her life.